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Online Application Opens for École Polytechnique’s Bachelor Program

The 2018-2019 online application for admission to École Polytechnique’s Bachelor Program opened on October 10, 2017. This three-year undergraduate degree offers a scientific curriculum to high-potential students, including French baccalaureate students who are interested in acquiring an international experience.

Students have until November 21, 2017 to submit their online application, including an academic file (with their transcript, copies of degrees and results of final exams), two reference letters, a personal statement in English, and a resume. Candidates will be selected according to rigorous international standards. A second round of admission will be held from January 9 to February 20, 2018 to fill the remaining places.

Watch what current Bachelor students have to say about the application process!
Following a partnership between École Polytechnique and AEFE (the Agency or French Education Abroad), 37 % of current students are from International French Lycées.  

Shortlisted candidates will receive an invitation to participate in an interview, which will be conducted entirely in English. The objective is to evaluate knowledge in mathematics and learn more about the candidate’s motivation.

École Polytechnique’s Bachelor offers a multidisciplinary academic approach closely linked to research, provided by distinguished faculty members in an international and multicultural environment. During the program, students take courses in humanities and social sciences, languages, and sports, providing them with the necessary soft skills to complement their scientific background and knowledge.A multidisciplinary scientific core with two simultaneous specializations

During their 2nd and 3rd years, students are able to specialize in the following areas:

  • Mathematics & Computer science
  • Mathematics & Physics
  • Mathematics & Economics

The primary purpose of the Bachelor Program is to open the door to various Master’s and graduate degree programs, including École Polytechnique’s Graduate Degree and École Polytechnique’s PhD Program. The Bachelor Program may also be an opportunity to join the Ingénieur Polytechnicien Program.  

The Bachelor Program is entirely taught in English and aims at recruiting 160 students per year, of which at least 50% are expected to be international students. Look at our YouTube Channel for advice on the application process and learn more about the program on www.portail.polytechnique.edu/bachelor/en

About École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique, also known as L’X, is the leading French institution combining top-level research, academics, and innovation at the cutting-edge of science and technology. Its various undergraduate and graduate-level programs – Bachelor of Science, Ingénieur Polytechnicien (Master’s level program), Master’s, and PhD – are highly selective and promote a culture of excellence with a strong emphasis on science, anchored in humanist traditions. As a widely internationalized university, École Polytechnique offers a variety of international programs and attracts a growing number of foreign students and researchers from around the globe (currently 41% of students and 40% of faculty members).

École Polytechnique offers an exceptional education to prepare bright men and women to excel in top-level key positions and lead complex and innovative projects which meet the challenges of 21st century society, all while maintaining a keen sense of their civil and social responsibilities. With its 23 laboratories, 22 of which are joint research units with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the École Polytechnique Research Center explores the frontiers of interdisciplinary knowledge to provide major contributions to science, technology, and society. École Polytechnique is a founding member of Institut Polytechnique de Paris.