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Arthur Marronnier named 2018 Siebel Scholars Award

Arthur Marronnier, class of 2010 of École Polytechnique, Ph.D. candidate in the Laboratory of Physics of Interfaces and Thin Films (École Polytechnique - CNRS) is a 2018 recipient of the prestigious Siebel Scholars awards. Founded in 2000, the Siebel Scholars Foundation has awarded over 1,100 researchers. This community of leaders is involved in the highest levels of business, economic and scientific spheres. The recipients serve as advisors to the Siebel Scholars Foundation and work together to find solutions to society’s most pressing problems.

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Physicist and Material Scientist, specialized in Photovoltaics, Arthur Marronnier’s research focuses on the electrical transport and stability of last generation hybrid perovskite solar cells. After graduating from École Polytechnique (class of 2010) and Stanford University (M.Sc. 2014), Arthur Marronnier joined the Laboratory of Physics of Interfaces and Thin Films (LPICM - École Polytechnique / CNRS) in 2015 as a Ph.D. candidate under the supervision of Professor Yvan Bonnassieux. He is also teaching semiconductors and photovoltaics course at École Polytechnique.

About Siebel Scholars program

The Siebel Scholars program recognizes exceptional students from the world’s leading universities in business, computer science, bioengineering, and since 2016, in energy science, by providing them a financial award toward their final year of studies.

The Siebel Scholars Foundation, in collaboration with the Siebel Energy Institute, coordinates a global consortium for innovative and collaborative energy research. École Polytechnique, Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, Politecnico di Torino, Princeton University, Stanford University, Tsinghua University,University of California – Berkeley, University of California – San Diego, University of Chicago, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Pennsylvania and University of Tokyo are part of the consortium.

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