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​3 entrepreneurs from École Polytechnique have been awarded the 2016 X-Grant Silicon Valley

Promising startupers from Polytechnique’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Pierre-Louis Esclattier (Class of 2012), Morgane Barthod (Class of 2010) and Quand Hoang (Master’s programme of 2014) have been awarded the first X-Grant Silicon Valley. Amounting to $33,000 for each laureate, the X-Grant Silicon Valley also includes regular mentorship by Californian entrepreneurs and investors.

X Grant Silicon Valley: a new grant to discover talented entrepreneurs and promote innovative ideas

Introduced in 2013 as the CEPAME Grant (California École Polytechnique Alumni for the Master in Entrepreneurship) with the support of Polytechnique’s Alumni in Cali-fornia, this rewards aims to support Polytechnique’s endeavours in entrepreneurship.

From now on, the X-Grant Silicon Valley rewards talented Alumni from Polytechnique’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and not only former students of the Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Master’s programme. The laureate’s project must be groundbreaking and have a connection with the Silicon Valley. The number of laureates and the prize amount grow: 3 laureates will be awarded this year and each of them is granted $33,000.
Up to 50% of the grant is supported by the École Polytechnique Foundation and 50% by Friends of École Polytechnique, the École Polytechnique Foundation sister US organi-zation, thanks to Californian donors’ generosity.

The laureates are :

Pierre-Louis Esclattier (Class of 2012), co-founder of Tempow: technology for music

Morgane Barthod (Class of 2010), founder of Meteo*swift: an innovative tool to predict wind power production

Quang Hoang (Master’s programme of 2014), co-founder of Birdly: the app that gathers insights about customers

ABOUT ÉCOLE POLYTECHNIQUE / École Polytechnique is the leading French institute which combines top-level research, academics, and innovation at the cutting-edge of science and technology. Its various undegraduate and graduate-level programs – Bachelor’s degree, Ingénieur Polytechnicien, Master’s, Graduate Degree, PhD program and PhD– are highly selective and promote a culture of excellence with a strong emphasis on science, anchored in humanist traditions. As a widely internationalized university, École Polytechnique offers a variety of international programs and attracts a growing number of foreign students and researchers from around the globe (currently 30% of students and 39% of faculty members).


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